Proof Page #23

Thank You for your printing order! To make sure your job is correct and to simplify the printing of it we have created this page to proof your job.

Better Letter Printing strives to insure perfection on every item we produce but, unfortunately, sometimes mistakes do occur. The final examination for accuracy is your responsibility. For your protection and ours we never print a job before receiving customer approval for printing. We deeply regret any undetected errors that occur through production but cannot be held responsible for errors if the work is printed as approved or if changes are communicated verbally.


Proofs should be viewed on full screen monitors or laptops and not mobile devices such as Smartphones. Details can be missed viewing proofs on small screens.

Printed Colors will almost always vary from proofs: Monitors glow, paper does not. There will be differences between what you see on a screen, vs. what is printed. We strive for a "good" color match but color match is not guaranteed. If close color matching is a requirement of the job, then you must let us know at the beginning of the job and specify PMS colors or otherwise provide color samples.

Below is a link to a PROOF of the order you have placed with Better Letter Printing. To help avoid mistakes please: CAREFULLY read and EXAMINE the proof. This includes, but is not limited to, spelling on the entire document, correct names, numbers, addresses, zip codes, and telephone numbers, logo is correct, date and times, etc. and that the layout is correct. In short, any and all possible errors.

By your approval you are indicating that you have read and verified all information and that the layout is correct.

After carefully proofing your job, please send us a message BELOW to let us know if the proof is correct and ready to print or if there are changes or corrections to be made to the proof. (Send message from this page, not by e-mail or text.)

If you indicated that the job is ready to print with no further changes then Thank You for your order and after clicking Send below you will be taken to a page which has payment information. If changes are required we will send you a new proof when the changes are made.

Click these links to see proof:

Proof - Breakfast Sandwiches Front

Proof - Full Breakfast Back

Menu - 1 to 4 Persons Front

Menu - 5 - 12 Persons Inside

Robert & Amy

Proof Approval

I have carefully proofed the printing job and...