Minutes 1806-1821

On Saturday before the 1st Sunday in June 1806 by order of Dixon's Creek church the following members of Dixon Creek church met at the mouth of Caney Fork river, to wit: George Tilman, Daniel Burford, Joseph Sittons, Thomas Bank, Benjamin Johns, Miles West, and Thos. Jones and held a conference with the authority to receive members by letter and experience and to administer the ordinance of baptism. Received Wm. Hodge, James Killebrew and his wife, Nancy, Kinsban Killebrew and Martha his wife, Charles Boulton and Betsy his wife, Stephen and Frank (black men), Anna Passmore(?), Temperance Smith, Anna Morris, Patty (black woman), and Joe (a black man) and baptized them the day following. Samuel (?) Burford, Richard ------, William Martin, Richard --------, Benjamin Barton, Kerin(?) Banks, S. Hall, Tom, Charles, Sarah, and Rose (black people) received by letter. The above proceedings was at the 1st meeting of the Dixon Creek church.

Saturday Sept. 6, 1806

Met at the Mouth of Caney Fork after singing and prayer. Received Jonas Whitley, Delilah Stallings, Lucy Hodge, Elizabeth Chanler, two negro women named Milly and Rachel,Kin(?) Killebrew, Thomas Killebrew, Martha Killebrew, and Mills Stallings by letter. Bill and Abram by experience, both belonging to Col. Wm Walton.

October 1806
Met at the seats and opened the meeting after the usual manner.
1st Moved and seconded that a moderator be chosen to act among us. Bro. Burford was chosen.
2nd Moved and seconded that a clerk be chosen. Bro. Benjamin Johns was chosen.
3rd That application be made to the church at Dixon's Creek for their absent for us to act as an arm.
4th If they answer our request they would send us a copy of their constitution, articles of faith, and rules of procedure.
5th That they furnish us with a copy of the late proceedings at Caney Fork.

2nd Saturday in Nov. 1806
Met at Mr. Parker's in the town of Carthage, opened the meeting by singing and prayer. Received the proceedings of the first meeting at Caney Fork, together with their articles of faith which we approve. Rec'd Polly Parker by letter.

Dec. 1806
Met as above. Meeting opened as usual.
1st Conclude to have our next monthly meeting at the same place and that a day of fasting and prayer to God to revive his work in our hearts and to bless the ministry of the work to their conviction of sinners.
2nd To request Bro. Wiseman to visit and preach for us.
3rd Minutes of our association read.
4th The manner of keeping the Lord's day be a part of the subject of our next meeting-
Concluded by prayer.

Sat. 2nd of May 1807
Met at the Seats. Mr. Jas. Lyons after singing and prayer proceeded to business. Appointed Brothers Charles Boulton and Willis Hodge to cite Bro. Killebrew to attend at our next meeting at this place.

Sat. June 6th 1807
Met at the Seats according to adjournment and opened meeting in usual form. Bro. Killebrew came to the church and make his acknowledgments and was received into fellowship. Adjourned to meet at this place.

Aug. 1807
Met as usual. Bro. Killebrew complained of Bros. Hodge and Whitley appointed to cite him to next meeting. Bro. Conaway and wife received by letter.

1st Sat. Oct. 1807
Met at the Seats. After singing and prayer proceeded to business. Bro. Killebrew restored. The 4th Wednesday in this month Joshua White to preach at Carthage. Friday and Saturday following at Smith's Meeting House on Hickman's Creek.

Nov. 1807
No meeting.

Dec. 1807
Sister Delilah Stallings dismissed by letter.

1st Jan. 1808

Met at new meeting house and after public worship proceeded to business. Excluded James Killebrew from our fellowship. Appointed Bros. Willis Hodge and Stallings to cite Bro. Thos. Killebrew to attend our next meeting.

1st Sat. in Feb.
The church have agreed to delegate Bro. Barton to Bro. Burford to request him to endeavor to get some of his brethren in the ministry to attend us once a month because of his often infirmities.

March Meeting
Adjourned and Bro. Burford and several of the brethren attend conference on Salt Lick.

April 30th 1808
Meeting opened as usual. Bro. Jas. Conaway charged with doing wrong in regard of trading for a horse of Mr. Sparks, he is acquitted of the church. Bro. Thos Killebrew's case laid over till next conference. Agreed that another deacon is necessary. Bro. Chas. Boulton appears to be nominated. Bro. B. Barton appointed to write a letter to Bro. Wiseman's Church requesting the privilege of his attend us once a month. Request of Bro. Wiseman that Bro. Burford should attend at his next meeting for the purpose of ordaining deacons. Sophia Linch received by letter.

August 6th 1808
Church met according to order, was informed by Bro. Hodge that Bro. Killebrew wished to attend but was sick. Agreed to wait till next meeting. Agreed that Bro. Willis Hodge be ordained to the office of a deacon tomorrow. That Bro. Chas. Boulton be at Liberty to consult the evidences of his call and qualifications for the office of a deacon. Bro. Benjamin John's delegated to the association. Brethren Burford, Nunellie(?), & Benjamin Johns chosen to attend the association at Concord Meeting House, Williamson County. Sent $1 to the association fund. Members to attend at meeting house on Sat. 21th of August to consult the subject of a church letter to the association.

Lord's Day Aug. 7th
Bro. Willis Hodges was ordained deacon. Bros. Hodges & Benjamin Johns met at Martin's Meeting House according to appointment.

Sat. 3rd Sept. 1808
Met at the meeting house. No minister came. Bro. W. Hodges opened meeting by singing and prayer. Sister Nancy Killebrew dismissed by letter. Adjourned until 3rd(?) Lord's day in October.

Sat. 15th Oct. 1808

Meeting opened by Bro. Wiseman who preached a sermon from Psalm 89:18. Thos.
Killebrew excluded from the fellowship for not hearing the church. Motioned & seconded that the subject on keeping the Lord's day should be taken up at our next meeting. Peter, a black man, received by letter (belonging to Crutchfield).

Sat. Nov. 19th 1808
Meeting opened as usual. Proceeded to business. The subject on the Lord's day was taken up. Motion and seconded that as many of the brethren as saw fit cause might produce the scripture texts alluding to the Lord's day at our next conference and the subject be debated, Bro. Hodges directed to prepare a book to keep the church acts in.

Sat Dec. 17th 1808
Meeting opened by Bro. Borum who preached on Heb. 10:29 and withdrew. Conference opened by Bro. Willis Hodges. No business appearing adjourned by singing and prayer.

Jan. 1809
Bro. Peter belonging to Capt. Gildart received by experience.

March 1809
Kinsbon(?) Killebrew and wife Martha dismissed by letter.

Sat. April 3rd 1809
Met according to adjournment. Bro. Wiseman & Durham preached. No business. On Sunday received Fannie, a black woman, belonging to Thos. Walton by letter. Baptized Peter belonging to Capt. Gildart who was received at January meeting.

Feb. 1809
Meeting opened by Bro. Flowers by prayer. Entered on Charles Boulton excommunicated for not hearing the church. Likewise, Dolsey Wooten for marrying another man whilst her first husband was living.

May 1809
No meeting.

June 1809
Meeting opened by Bro. Wiseman. Received Tabitha (it appears to be Johns) by letter.

3rd Sat. July 1809
Bro. Thos. Durham opened by prayer and preached from 1 Peter 2:9. Received by experience Mary Vandyke, Arthur Parker,------ Stalling, and Rachel Rowland and baptized them on Lord's day following by Bro. Wiseman in Caney Fork River. We unanimously agreed to be constituted on Sat. Aug. 19th 1809. Called to our church at Dixon's Creek for helps, also Brush Creek & Hickman's Creek.

Aug. 19th 1809
Meeting opened by Bro. Wiseman. The brethren who were sent for to Brush Creek and Hickman's churches did not attend. Only Bros. Martin and Sittons from Dixon's Creek attended.

3rd Sunday in Sept 1809
No meeting. Association held at Spring Creek Church, Jones Meeting House.

3rd Saturday in Oct. 1809
Meeting held in usual form. No business of record.

3rd Sat Nov. 1809
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford with prayer and exhortation. The minutes from the
association read. No business of record. Concluded by prayer Bro Wiseman(?). Sunday Bros. Wiseman & Burford preached. Sister Cornelia belonging to Capt. Gildart received by letter. The Lord's Supper administered by Bro. Burford.

3rd Sat. March 1810
Bro. Wiseman opened meeting and preached. Sunday Bro. Wiseman preached after meeting received Peggy Phillips and Milly Linch by experience.

3rd Sat. April 1810
Changed meeting day from 3rd to 1st Saturday in each month.

1st Sat. May 1810
Church met. Brother Flowers opened meeting by preaching. Then sat in conference.
Received Joseph Hodge by experience. Conclude to sue for to be constituted & send for helps to Hickman. Bro. Willis Hodge, Bro. B. Johns to Dixon's Creek and to meet on 1st Saturday & Sunday in July next. Sister Elizabeth Chanler dismissed by letter. Also two black sisters Milly & Rachel.

1st Saturday June 1810
Meeting opened by prayer and preaching by Bro. Wm. Flowers. Received Jno Linch by
experience. Also Mary Carter(?). Received Bro. Francis(Sampson i suppose) and Priscilla his wife by letter. Lord's day morning John Linch & Mary Carter baptized by Bro. Wm Flowers. Adjourned until Saturday before 1st Lord's Day in July.

Saturday June 30th 1810
Met according to adjournment. Opened by Bro. Burford. Bro. John Jones from Spring
Creek, Bro. Wm Flowers & John Wiseman from Hickman's Creek, & Bro. Joseph Allen
from Dixon's Creek who sat as a presbytery to examine if the brethren were ripe for
constitution finding their faith & number sufficient, being 48, were pronounced a constituted Church of Jesus Christ. The Church proceeded to call on Bro. John Wiseman to attend them. He promised to attend once a month, first obtaining the consent of his church. Bro. Daniel Burford to write a letter to Hickman's Creek Church for their consent of Bro. Benjamin Johns to bear the same. Bro. Wilkes petitions the church for leave to hold conference with his black brethren to settle smaller matter among themselves.His request granted.

1st Saturday in Aug. 1810
Meeting opened by Bro. Wiseman from Eph. 1:7. Then proceeded to business. Sister
Crutchfield received by letter. Received Dorithy Mobias, Rachel Grant, & Hannah, a
black woman, belonging to Col. Moore by experience. A letter to the association read and approved. Brethren Willis Hodge, Arthur Parker, & Benjamin Johns messengers to the association. $1.25 cts sent to the association fund. Lord's Supper to be administered at Bro. Pipers on Peyton's Creek on the third Sunday in this month. Each member to prepare 6 ¼ cts to be paid to the trustee every three months throughout the year.

1st Saturday Sept. 1810
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford by preaching. No matter of record.

1st Saturday Oct. 1810
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford by prayer and preaching from Cant. "My beloved is mine & I am His, He leadeth among the Lilies." Flora, a black woman, belonging to Capt. Gildart received by experience. Brethren Arthur Parker, Willis Hodge & Benjamin Johns delegated to meet at Martin's Meeting House on 4th Saturday in this month to fix a suitable time to holding a general union meeting. Sunday morning Flora baptized by Bro. Wiseman in Caney Fork.

Nov. 1810
Meeting opened in usual manner. Jesse Johns received by experience, Rachel Petty Willow by experience, Phillis, black woman belonging to Capt. Gildart, to. Sicily to Robt Allen to. Baptized on Lord's Day morning by Bro. Wiseman in Caney Fork.

No meeting till Feb. 1811
Joseph Hodge and wife dismissed by letter, about this time Bro. Stephen Boulton died.

March 1811
No matter of record.

April 1811
Union meeting at Round Lick.

May 1811
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford by prayer and exhortation. Bro. Wiseman preached from Cor. Ye are not your own, ye are bought with a price. Sealy Eagle received by letter. Friday before 1st Lord's day in June to be a day of fasting and prayer. Phil, belonging to Mr. Farmer received by letter. Martha Easley received by letter.

June 1811
Friday a few met the day appointed for fasting and prayer. Saturday Bros. Durham & Borum preached. Sunday Durham and Flowers preached to a large congregation. This being our union mission meeting the Lord's supper was administered.

July 1811
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford. Bro. Lewis Moore preached. According to appointment the church met in conference. John Harman applies for a recommendation to the church which he formerly belonged to. Laid over to a future day. Arthur Parker & Benjamin Johns delegated to the association a Cummings Meeting House in Rutherford County. That one dollar be sent to the association fund by our delegates. At the stand at Abram Pipers, Peytons Creek July 19th received by experience Norman Mathison, Mundine Smith, and a black
woman belonging to Mr. Graves baptized on Sunday by Bro. Wiseman. Received Diana Kemp by letter.

Aug 1811
Was the Association. No meeting.

Sept. 1811
Bro. Bethel preached. Church sat as usual. Unanomiously made choice of Bro. Wm Flowers as pastor of the church. He not being dismissed from his church could not accept the call. Sarah Wms(?) a black woman received by experience and baptized Sunday morning by Bro. Flowers.

Oct 1811
Opened by Bro. Burford by preaching. Bro. Flowers exhorted. Lord's day Bro. Flowers
preached. Lord's Supper administered, etc.

Nov. 1811
Opened by Bro. Wiseman who preached from Isa 25. Bro. Flowers exhorted. Then the
church proceeded to business. Moved that the church look out one among them to be a deacon. Bro. Wm Flowers, his wife Diana, and two daughters Lydia and Sealah received by letter. Bro. Flowers again called on to take the pastoral care of the church. Gave him the right hand of fellowship. Bro. Wiseman with the brethren on Peyton's Creek are permitted to hear experiences and baptize as formerly. Third Lord's day in Nov. Bro. Miles West preached at Abram Pipers on Peyton's Creek, a door was opened to receive experiences: Charles Mundine, Henry Smith & James Smith received by experience to be baptized Lord's day morning in Dec. next.

1st Sat. Dec. 1811
Church opened by Bro. Burford who brought along essay from John Harman the purport of which was to know if the church could have fellowship with him. The church answer was she could not have fellowship with any that live in sin. Third Sunday in Dec. Henry Kemp aged 80 yrs, Henry Smith, James Smith, and Charles Mundine were baptized by Bro. Wiseman in Peyton's Creek. At Bro. Alex Piper's after baptism Bro. Wiseman preached from Rev. 20(?) to a large congregation.

Saturday April 4th 1812
Opened by Bro. Rucks. 1 Peter 2:7 Unto you therefore which believe He is precious. The church sat and opened a door for reception of members. James(?) Lewis received by experience Col. Walton's wife both baptized Sunday morning by Bro. Borum in Caney. J(?) Gentry received by letter and Stephen Samson & Louvra(?) his wife.

May 1812
Union opened by Bro. Allen. Smith Fork brethren Allen, Bethel, Durham, Jones, Borum, West, Wiseman, & Burford attended. Saturday church sat, a door was opened for the reception of members. None came forward. A petition from a number of brethren from Peyton Creek to be constituted if found fit by a presbytery. Their petition agreed on to be in July.

June Meeting 1812
Opened in usual manner. A door opened for the reception. Burton came for admission, he not having a letter from the church from which he came was read a trancient member. Brethren Burford, Helms, Parker & Johns to attend at the stand on Peytons Creek on 3rd Saturday in July to constitute a church if found fitting. A deacon to be chosen next meeting. Adjourned by prayer.

July Meeting 1812
Opened by Bro. Flowers. Door opened for reception of members. None. Bro. Arthur
Parker chosen as deacon to be ordained our next meeting. Sister Petty(?) complained of immoral conduct. Bro. Parker to cite her to our next meeting.

August 1812
No meeting by reason of rain.

1st Saturday Sept. 1812
Meeting opened by Bro. Flowers. A door opened to receive members. A black man named Jacbob belonging to Morris came and was rec'd. A black woman named Dorcas(?) belonging to Robert Allen was rec'd by experience. Being formerly baptized but having no letter Bro. Cyrus Council(?) rec'd without a letter being recommended by several brethren who were formerly acquainted with him. Rachel Petty(?) excluded for not hearing the church. Bro. Parker to be ordained a deacon at our Nov. meeting. Bro. Flowers to request brethren Borum and Rucks to attend. Bro. to notify bro. Wiseman, Bro. Flowers, and Parker to attend the association at Hopewell Meeting House Sumner Co. A verbal petition from Dixon's Creek church by Bro. Thos Grey for help to settle same controversy among them. Brethren Flowers, Parker, Nunelly, and Johns was chosen and to attend at Allan's Meeting House in this instance.

October Meeting
Opened by Bro. Flowers. A letter of dismission sent to Bro. Seth Burton from Buckingham County. He was received. Resolved that Bro. Arthur Parker is appointed treasurer-that the white members pay $25 a year for the use of the church.

November 1812
Opened by Bro. Burford. Bro. Arthur Parker's ordination postponed until next meeting. Bro. Flowers preached on Lord's day from Isa. 30:21. Afternoon administered Lord's Supper. Concluded by singing & prayer.

No record from Nov. till March 1813.

March 1813 Meeting
Opened by Bro. Borum by preaching. Church sat. Elders Bucks(?), Flowers, Wiseman, & Borum present. Proceeded to ordain Bro. Arthur Parker to the office of deacon. Concluded by singing & prayer.

April 1813
Meeting opened by Bro. Flowers by preaching. A door was opened for admission. Susana Brass received by letter. Two black sisters at variance to wit------laid over till next meeting.

No record for May 1813

1st Sat. June 1813
Meeting opened by Bro. Burford. Doors opened for admission. The black sisters case laid over until our next meeting. Bro. Hodges to cite them to the church. Members not partaking the Lord's Supper to be inquired of the cause by the deacon, if they give the deacon satisfaction it goes no further, otherwise it is to go to the church. Bro. Wilkes (blackman) churched by Bro. Parker of false doctrine is to be cited to the church by Bro. Hodges. Sisters Phillips & Canter petition for letter to be dismissed to Peyton's Creek - granted. Bro. Flowers concluded & bc(?).

July 1813
Wilkes excluded for not hearing the church. ( ) to cite Bro. Burton to our next meeting.

Feb. Meeting 1814
Sisters Linch & Adams to cite Sister Betsy Boulton to our March meeting. Bro. Daniel
Burford requested a letter of dismission. Was granted & the clerk to write the same & hand it to Bro. Burford. Concluded by prayer.

March 1814
Bro. Flowers not present. Conference opened by Bro. Burford. Widow Mabins(?) excluded for harboring her married daughter to marry another man in her husband's lifetime. Sister Boulton came to meeting. Bro. A Parker to cite Bro. Bro. Burton to tend our next meeting. Concluded by singing & prayer.

April Meeting 1814
Opened by Bro. Flowers. Bro. Burton came to meeting and gave satisfaction for his
non-attendance. A black brother Peter belonging to T.(?) Walton confessed his fault to the church & was received.

July Meeting
Opened by Bro. Flowers - proceeded to business. Lord's Supper to be administered four times a year - August, Nov., February, & May. Each member to bring his mite every Saturday before Communion to defray the expense of the church. On or before the August meeting to repair or pay for the meeting house. Dismissed by prayer.

August Meeting 1814
Opened after the usual manner. Bro. John Helms & wife dismissed by letter. Nothing of record. Dismissed by prayer.

September Meeting 1814
By Bro. Flowers. Bro. John Brake(?) & his wife Judy received by letter. Ben, a black man
belonging to widow Chanler received by letter. Bro. Flowers & Parker to attend the
association. Dismissed by prayer.

March Meeting 1815
Opened by Bro. William Flowers in a sermon from 3rd Psalms last verse. Salvation
belongeth to the Lord, Thy blessings is upon thy people. Selah. Sister Passmore, Canter(?) & black sister Wms(?) against Sister Vandyke. Bro. Johns to cite Sister Vandyke to our next meeting. Dismissed by prayer.

June 1815 Meeting
Opened by Bro. Flowers. Bros. Parker & Whitley to visit Sister Boulton and report to next meeting. Bro. W(?) to visit Sister Vandyke and report to next meeting since the above Sister Vandyke excommunicated.

1816 Nothing of reckard (record) since until Nov. meeting our conference to be postponed until 2nd Saturday and Sunday in every month thereafter.

Second Saturday in April 1816
Bro. Ligin opened meeting by a sermon from 1 Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. Sisters Taylor & Passmore to visit Sister Grant and report to next conference. Concluded by singing & prayer.

July Meeting 1816
Agreed in conference to encourage the missionary beliefs.

Oct. Meeting (1817 I suppose)
Rec'd 3 (?) by letter (to wit) Jas. Bruce Mercer Williams & wife Sally. Baptized by Bro.
Malcolm Smith. 

No matter of reckard from this till 2nd Sat. in March 1818. Church sat in conference. Resolved to request Miles West to visit us. Sent the request by Bro. Ligin. Agreed to move the meeting house on Mr. Arthur Hogan's land. Brethren Adams & Whitley appointed to get the deed from Hogan in the name and for the use of Cayney Fork Church. Dismissed by Bro. Ligin.

2nd Sat. March 1819
Meeting opened by Bro. Flowers. Resolved that Brethren Mercer Williams, Boar Lynch, & Mr. Crutchfield be appointed commissioners to let the new meeting house to the lowest builder. -----* No matter of record till July meeting.

May 10, 1819
Received by letter Turner Wilkerson & Drucilla Hughs

June Meeting
Opened by Bro. Flowers. Kit, a black man belonging to Arthur S. Hogan rec'd by

July 12 1819
Meeting opened by Bro. Flowers by preaching. Received Elizabeth Brame(?) by letter.
Rec'd a black man by experience. Not yet baptized. Brotheren Johns and Nunelly to attend our association. Sent our dollar to the fund.

Aug. Meeting 1819
Joel Haile and Seely his wife & Delilah Pope baptized.

Sept. Meeting 1819
Billie Pope baptized.

October Meeting 1819
John Stallings & Hannah Hodges baptized by Bro. Flowers in Cany Fork.

Nov. Meeting 1819
Opened by Bro. Borum and received & baptized thirteen members in Cany Fork (to wit) John Morris and Patsy Everet, two negroes Nancy & Judy belonging to Judge Williams, Lucy Timfry(?), Walton Rose(?) Judge Wms(?) Lucy belonging to lawyer Overton Rachel, Charles Boulton, George Mrs. Walton, Tom, Mrs. Oliver, Kitty (Crutchfield) Easter by letter belonging to Dr. Everet.

2nd Saturday Dec. 1819
The Cany Fork Church met at the new meeting house on Hogan's Creek. Bro. Flowers
preached to large congragation. Received by experience Nathaniel Hale & Polly his wife & son William Hale & John Burton (White), Frank, belonging to Mr. Bishop, Robin, belonging to Jess Morris, Betty to Lent Boulton, James Hoskins (White).

Jan. 8th 1820
Saturday church sat in order. Received by experience Patsy Parker, Billy(?) Butts (White) General belonging to Isaac Walton, Ben, A. Hogan, Selvy - Dyson.

2nd Saturday Feb. 1820
Received Daniel Wagoner & James Hodges.

Saturday March Meeting 1820
Bro. Wm Hale opened meeting by prayer. Rec'd by experience James Pope, a black woman belonging to Wm. Archer named Sucky - likewise Sidney Haines by experience baptizing the above members & the April meeting Brethren Flowers, Lynch, & Hodges to report the church at Peyton's Crek yearly meeting.

2nd Saturday & Sunday April 1820
Bro. Durham opened meeting by preaching. A black (?) rec'd. Sunday Durham & Borum preached to a large congragation. Sister Sarah Williams died on Sat. night. Sister Easley rec'd by letter.

June 1820 2nd Sat.
Meeting opened by Bro. J. Johnes(Jones?). Rec'd by experience Nannie(?) Watkins, Polly Bishop, Eliza Petty, sampson belonging to Lyon(?),Ursly ?. C. Robinson, Lucy Mrs. Wms(?). Sunday the above baptized by Bro. Flowers. Bro. Jones & Flowers preached to a large congregation.

July Meeting 1820
No matter of record on Bros. Flowers & Mercer Wms(?) delegated to the association.

Aug. Meeting 1820
Rec'd by experience Tom, property of Wm. Hogan, Phil - G. Crutchfield - Amy - S.
Crutchfield - Dick -J. Burnett, Nelson - C. Boulton, Jenny - Mr. Bishop & John Hale

Dec. Meeting 1820
Sarah Seals, Cyrus Council, Joel Hale & Seely (?) Hale his wife dismissed by letter.

Jan. 1821
Jesse Bruce & Benjamine a black property belonging to Wm. Hogan dismissed by letter.


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